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Make sure you use all seven of your keyword options and spend a little time researching which ones get lots of searches. If you use your keywords in the description, people will find your book when they search. Part of making a book description stand out and get search love is using H-tags. This is just simple html code that tells Amazon a line of text is more important. You want to use H-tags in the paragraph headings of your description.

I use an H2 tag for the first line in my descriptions and then H3 tags for other paragraph headings. There are other html tags you can use to make your description stand out but the H-tags are really the most important. That sucks because it could take them away from your book if they see another one that looks interesting. Make sure you keep their attention on your book by asking for the sale. Two more sections of your book page are also very important to making money self-publishing.

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You might have to add reviews once they come in later but these are a critical selling point for your book. Reviews from recognizable names work best but you should list at least five reviews for your book. Be conversational and talk about how people will benefit by reading the book. When you self-publish a book on Amazon, you will pick two categories in which your book will show up. This is extremely important because your book will primarily be competing with these books when someone is just browsing for good reads in a category.

It sucks but there is a game you have to play to make money on Amazon. Your category needs to be at least loosely related.

It does no good to be ranked highly in a category if it is completely off from what people are expecting. Another way to find how competitive it is to rank a book within a category is by checking the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of the top 10 books. Books are ranked in this best sellers category against all other books depending on how many daily sales they average. The table below shows an approximate from my research for how many daily sales a book needs for different rankings on the Amazon Best Seller scale.

This one will be controversial because some people have done very well launching their book for free. They make the price free for the first few days and hope to get thousands of downloads.

My Amazon bestseller made me nothing

I tried this on my first two books and hated the results. Very few people ever leave a review for a book, maybe one in every readers. Another reason why I hate the free book launch process is because Amazon has two different ranking scales for free and paid books. Your free book launch might do very well, vaulting you to a top spot in your category…but on the free ranking scale.

How Can You Make money by Self-Publishing?

Once you change the price, you move to the paid rankings and lose all your momentum. If you can use your book as a way to persuade people to buy other products or services, a process called a sales funnel, you might do very well offering it for free. I know authors that make their book permanently free just to use it as a way to sell other products.

Instead, you need to reach out to bloggers and your own network for reviews. They can be as short as a few words but a few sentences are always best. I like to get at least ten reviews within the first month of publishing a book. More is better but getting to double-digits is usually good enough to put you in a different class of books from those that have just a few reviews. Getting reviews from other bloggers, friends and family is easier with your first few books but gets more difficult if you are publishing often and every year. Having a blog makes things easier because you can reach out to readers with a free copy as well.

This will provide you with an extra stream of income. I write most only persona finance and money topics so investing, making money online and crowdfunding. Are your book only digital? Or do you have physical books too? I did not see any costs for the printing of the books.

How One Author Earns $450,000 a Year Self-Publishing on Amazon

I publish the books in digital, print on demand and audio. The print on demand only charges when a book is shipped out so it comes out of the purchase price. Good for you! Self-publishing is actually mainstream already.

Realistic Expectation: “My book makes me money in other ways.”

Only the tradpub houses are left in the 20th century. Though sales should be looked at from an annual point of view, counted from the date of release. There are sales cliffs, unexplainable downturns, bogeymen, gremlins, the lot. Not to mention the fratricidal attitude of some insecure authors in the genres you choose. But remember, writing and publishing are two different animals. The latter is the rambunctious one.

Might try doing it as freelance work on some of the freelancer websites.

How I Sold Over Half A Million Books Self-Publishing

Thanks for the insight, clarity and direction. I thoroughly enjoyed your article. It cleared up a few thoughts and provided insight in other areas. Your informational generosity is appreciated. This article is very illuminating…You have really provided a foot print for the emerging generation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Well done, and thanks again.

Cassie J.

| 12 Reasons Why Self-Publishing Kicks Butt Over Traditional Publishing

I am a new author and hope to have my book ready for Amazon by the summer. Do you have a blog for step by step instructions to place your book on Amazon? My novel is non fiction romance and I am having a small mom and pop publishing company close to my home print out copies for ARCs. I will send to family and friends. So my ISBN number will already be on my book. I am in the process of copy writing now. Since this is my first book ever in my life, is filling out the Amazon download self explanatory? Can I do this myself or will I need help? Thank you! Great to hear Carmin! Getting your book onto Amazon is really easy.

You will make more buck in the end. Yep, but it is nice to have a paperback to sell at speaking gigs and to send to people as gifts. I bought and promote your book through click bank. Very inspirational reads. Recommendit to anyone. Amazing post Nicholas! Ah… Good to hear your blogging and writing at the same time. Did I miss the link to your book in this article? I know I can just Google it, but why not have a little ad in the article so I can check out and buy your book? I appreciate it, Marcus.

Simply wanted to share what I learned.